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When I opened the first hotel, I had simply taken a new path, partly for the adventure, partly for fun. Only later, hotel after hotel, did I realise that the setbacks and victories were taking me on a more distant and enriching journey. Every smile from my staff at Baglioni Hotels lit up my successes and comforted me in my failures these, over time, have taught me and my company the secret of inventing new ways and exploring new horizons every day. We have never stopped developing our hotel group, neither I nor my family, which I have the privilege to have by my side in this endeavour. It is a project made up not only of hotels, but also of ambitious objectives and unstoppable passion. Our hotels are like our home, elegant and discreet, yet open and alive. They are made up of people who, together with their guests, seek those special experiences that make the journey worthwhile.

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Toutes les offres ont été chargées

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